Togetherness Design

Esther Sandler and Ken Done


"Meeting Ken Done was such a special and impactful experience for me – I was blown away by his down-to-earth friendliness and candour. Apart from being in the presence of such an epic Australian creative icon, what stood out to me most was how I could relate to a lot of the stories, tips and advice he gave us as fellow designers. 

We chatted about the perils of the creative process – the struggle to be satisfied with finished pieces, reworking and reworking them, finding inspiration and how the influence of others creeps into your work. Ken talked to us about the importance of knowing our target market, the purpose of design and the ups and downs of running a creative business on a long term scale. It's made me feel more connected to the design world in general, more confident about what I am doing and more determined to keep making and creating into the future.

Portrait by Eve Wilson Photography