Getting There

The Cutaway

Barangaroo Reserve, Hickson Rd, Barangaroo NSW 2000

Whether you're on foot, cycling or using public transport, getting to The Cutaway is easy. View google map. »


Barangaroo Reserve is just minutes from Wynyard Station via Wynyard Walk or from Circular Quay.

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The closest stations to Barangaroo Reserve are Circular Quay and Wynyard. You can then follow the walking directions above. 

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From Town Hall: Bus routes 311, 324 and 325 go direct to Barangaroo Reserve.

From Watsons Bay: Take the 324 and 325 to Barangaroo.

From Millers Point: The 311 stops at Hickson Road, providing access to The Cutaway, Barangaroo.

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The new tunnel links with the Sussex St Bridge and the Napoleon Bridge, providing a quick and safe route to Barangaroo Reserve. Wilson Parking operates a public car park beneath Barangaroo Reserve. The car park provides 300 car spaces, including eight accessible parking spaces on level B1.

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Cyclists are advised to use existing Sydney cycleways to enter the Reserve at Towns Place or the Hickson Road entrance near Nawi Cove.

Please note that shared pathways are temporarily reduced in width, and cyclists are asked to dismount around Nawi Cove.

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