Maylin Evanochko and Ken Done


When artist Maylin Evanochko decided to go into business making statement jewellery with designs sourced from her original paintings, her mum had these words of encouragement to say: 

“Maybe one day you’ll meet Ken Done!”

A prophecy that came true when Maylin, and four other designers, were selected to spend an inspirational afternoon with Ken Done for The Big Design Mentor initiative 2019.

"It was wonderful to have the opportunity meet Ken and hear first-hand about his incredible career. I really enjoyed chatting with him about his painting process and hearing the stories behind his works. It was inspiring to see the gallery of his artworks alongside his iconic products and it encouraged me to think more about what is possible in the space where art and design overlap.

I really appreciated his openness in sharing with us both the ups and downs in running such a successful creative business and it was a good reminder that having a sense of humour is always important. There really aren't any rules about what you choose to do with your own artwork and the conversations with Ken have encouraged me to keep exploring this.

Portrait by Eve Wilson Photography